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Nutrition & Quality

Hey! Why isn’t Zuzu’s nutritional information on the bottle?

So what is the nutritional information, anyway?

What is Zuzu’s shelf life?

Why did my passionfruit Zuzu separate?

How long does Zuzu keep once it’s been opened?

Why is Zuzu only 5% ABV? How strong is it?

Is Zuzu gluten-free, kosher, and/or vegan?

Sourcing + Ingredients

What’s “agave spirit”?

Does agave spirit taste the same as tequila?

Why use agave spirit and not tequila?

Where is your passion fruit puree from?

Where is your calamansi lime juice from?

Do you recommend drinking Zuzu over ice or out of the bottle?

Should you eat while you’re drinking Zuzu or is it a standalone thing?

When is your next flavor dropping?

Delivery & Fulfillment

My order arrived damaged—how do I right this wrong?!

Where can I buy Zuzu in NYC?

What states do you ship Zuzu to?

Do you offer on-demand local delivery in NYC?

Where can I buy Zuzu in LA?

I ordered Zuzu to get shipped to me. How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Production + Availability

I don’t live in NYC or LA—when will I be able to buy Zuzu?

Why glass bottles?

Is your packaging recyclable?

I’m a liquor store/restaurant owner in NYC or LA and I want to sell Zuzu—how do I get started?


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